Posted: August 30th, 2016

Discuss how the two cultures are similar

Each concept map or outline should represent at least three common themes, concepts, and ideas (e.g., beliefs, foods, arts and entertainment, educational aspirations, political tendencies, traditions, family life, holidays, languages spoken).Write an introduction.
Place your statement of purpose at the beginning of your introduction.
Identify the cultures you researched.
Briefly describe the common themes, concepts, and ideas of each culture you will address.
Write a results section to describe each culture
Present the information you found on each culture.
Write a discussion and conclusions section.
Discuss how the two cultures are similar (at least two similarities).
Discuss how the two cultures are different (at least three differences).
Explain at least three ways the information from this project could be applied in a classroom.
Create a reference list in APA format.
Clearly describe the materials and methods you employed
Briefly describe the methods you used to find your resources.
Explain which sources were most important and why.
Describe how you reviewed and synthesized the information you found in the sources.
Describe why the report is important to you personally and as a teaching professional. Explore your feelings and make connections between the information you learned and your future as a teacher.

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