Posted: January 2nd, 2020

Discuss the strategies for Emotion Regulation with a real business example

Your essay assignment must:

1)    Be approximately at least 800 words, excluding your references at the end.

2)    Be set in 12 point Times New Roman font.

3)    Be single-spaced.

4)    Include the number of words just under the title.

5)    Have no emphasis (bold, italics, underline) on any text, except for Headings, which should be set in bold.

6)    Have a title.

7)    Below your title, have your name.

8)    If you wish to quote (cite) direct text from an article or book, then you must place the exact words in quotation marks, and immediately after this, provide the author surname, date and page number. You must write, for example:

Some have argued that although human beings have sought progress, they have ‘achieved mainly destruction, desolation, misery’ (Mayo, 1949: 3)

9)    Following your text you should provide a heading (bold 12 point Times New Roman) that says ‘References’

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