Posted: March 28th, 2015

Discuss the contribution of evidence to your practice area or area of interest

Assignment 2 requirements:

—Discuss the contribution of evidence to your practice area or area of interest

Note: All assignments need to be in the format of an academic paper, this includes a title page, introduction, conclusion and correct referencing (Harvard) and page numbers. You should check for correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

 Mode of submission: Online through FLO

Graded  Weighting: 50%

 Length: 2250 words approximately

Due date: Friday of week 13 by 11.00 am

 This assignment requires students to show their understanding of evidence and research and link this to any development in their practice area or area of interest. You will need to refer to relevant journal articles some obtained from the search in Assignment 1

 Steps for this assignment—students should (HINT: REFER to Lectures notes):

 1 Identify an area of health care within your work place or area of interest (from Assignment 1). 2 State why it is important or of interest for you.

3 Choose at least four (4) articles—these can be evidence based from either quantitative and/or qualitative information. If necessary a maximum of one (1) research article can be included.

 4 Indicate what type of article it is and what level of evidence (if applicable) according to a framework of level of evidence such as the NHMRC.

 5 Discuss the research evidence ranking, relevance and quality of each article with respect to the evidence or research in relation to your area of practice or interest including limitations if any.

 6 Conclusion: The paper ends with a cogent, defensible argument which summarises the main arguments in the paper and NOTE: no new material is to be added in the Conclusion.

 7 Correct referencing using a Harvard’s style of referencing. 

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