Posted: November 29th, 2016

Discuss how the case/idea would play out in the UAE.


You will need to form groups of 4-5 students and analyze a case provided by the course instructor.


The analysis will be presented in a power point presentation and a written paper (between 2500-3000 words).


The project should include:


1) Meaningfully link the class concepts to a real life scenario or idea from the case.

2) To realistically analyze the case.

3) Raise higher order issues about leadership and management (e.g., what can we learn from the case or the article? What are some remaining questions?), and

4) Discuss how the case/idea would play out in the UAE. This should allow you to reinforce the knowledge that you have acquired in BUS 401 and to go beyond it.


The following points must be addressed in some form:


  • Class concepts should be meaningfully incorporated. That is, use the class principles to gain insight into the case and the problems. Use only concepts that apply to the case. Avoid forcing concepts into your discussion.
  • You should question, criticize, and evaluate the case from a higher perspective. Go beyond the simple link between class concepts and the case. What can this case teach you in general? Does it bring into question any of the concepts that we talked about? Does the case invalidate any concepts? What other leadership issues does the case raise?
  • Your presentation should consider realistic solutions to the case problem(s). This solution should be pertinent to the analysis.
  • You should address the relevance of the article to the UAE. For example, how would the case play out in the UAE culture? What would happen if those involved were UAE nationals and residents? What similarities/differences would you expect to observe? Why?


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