Posted: September 16th, 2015

Different between Plato and Aristotle

Textbook info:
The Great Conversation, edition 7, by Norman Melchert.


———————-PROMPT(CHAPTER 7 Aristotle)
In “The School of Athens” by Rafael (the cover of your book), Plato (on the left) is pointing upwards towards another world, but Aristotle (on the right) is pointing strait ahead, towards this world. Why is this? Rafael is showing how different Plato and Aristotle.were, in both temperament and philosophy. As you know from watching “Classical Greek Philosophy” in the Video section and from chapter 6, Plato was a mystic- Forms, the Soul, Immortality, etc. By contrast, Aristotle, as you know from chapter 7, discovered logic, articulated scientific method, and offered a theory of the natural world. Indeed, by temperament and philosophy, Aristotle was a scientist. Actually, it is interesting to note that, in the ancient Greek world, with the fall of Greece and the advent of Christianity (who sought to destroy most earlier learning), the dialogues of Plato were a carefully kept secret (i.e. passing from house to house) and were preserved. Aristotle, we know, wrote much more, and what we have (e.g. the Physics) now are only his lecture notes. Unfortunately, his works were not preserved. So, since we do not have any of his original writings, we just have his notes.In this form, though, Aristotle still manages to offer detailed criticisms of others, his own philosophical system, ands shows how ro reason in a scientific way.

Unlike Plato, Aristotle turns to logic, scientific reasoning and the details of the world. Explain his understanding of causality- his four causes, wherein he assumes teleology in all things. However, by itself, this is pretty dry. But since Aristotle applies his general account of telos to us, to our having a telos (i.e. happiness, virtue, etc), explain how he does this. So explain his virtue ethics, as such.


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