Posted: February 2nd, 2017

What are the differences between ice caps and glaciers?

. Explain how the temperature difference between the poles and the equator drives the motion of the oceans and atmosphere.


Energy from the Sun doesn’t fall equally all over the Earth. Most of the Sun’s energy enters the Earth at the equator. This leads to large temperature gradients between the equator and the Poles. Movement of both the air and the oceans is controlled by these temperature differences and the result is a transfer of heat from the equator to the poles.
2. What are the differences between ice caps and glaciers?


Ice caps – large bodies of more or less stagnant ice at the earth’s poles

Glaciers – ice that is moving
3. How do ocean currents affect local climate?


Ocean currents are very important to climate and weather. Warm ocean currents carry warm air onto land. If the water is cold, then cold air will be carried over the land.
4. Why do we call groundwater in most areas a “nonrenewable resource”?


Because in most areas it takes too long for groundwater aquifers to recharge once all the water has been pumped out. Also, once contaminatio

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