Posted: June 7th, 2016

Dietary Analysis

Your anthropometric information (should include age, height, weight, BMI and EER)

A three-day food diary which will enable you analyze your own diet, in order to evaluate your energy and nutrient intake.

Remember to include the quantities of the different foods you eat.

Use tables or a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) to record your food diary.

Please include caffeine and alcohol in your food diary where applicable. This raw data forms Appendix A of your assignment.


Note: All energy values calculated must be expressed in kilojoules (kJ)

Your total energy intake (kJ) and express the energy nutrients (carbs, protein, fat and alcohol as applicable) for your three-day diet as a percentage of your total energy intake. This should be Appendix B of your assignment.

Your average daily intake for the nutrients (listed in the table below) and express your average daily intakes as a percentage of the RDI/AI of these nutrients for each of the three days. This should be Appendix C of your assignment.

Show the fully-worked calculations used to generate the following data. This is Appendix D of your assignment:

Estimated energy requirement (EER) taking into consideration your personal physical activities in this calculation. Note that formula for EER can be found on p238 (or p250 of the 1st edition) of the recommended textbook.
Converting quantity (g) of energy yielding nutrients to kJ
Expressing energy yielding nutrients as % of total energy intake
Expressing average daily intakes as % of RDI/AI
In your calculations, you should include any assumptions or conversions you have made.



Your Results in a Summary Table and indicate nutrients that are in excess or deficient.

Discuss your summary table in relation to your anthropometric data, based on your calculations above and highlight the effects of any excesses or deficiencies in your diet.

Recommend any changes that are required in your diet or lifestyle to maintain your health and explain the reason for the changes you would make. If your assessment recommends no changes, explain why.

Note that your result summary table should be included at the beginning of your assignment and is a summary of the data from your appendices.

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