Posted: September 13th, 2015

Devicing a tool to be used by any university to test managerial talent of newly appointed head of academic sections and colleges deans.

The research is suggested to follow the comparison method to gain from other universities experiences and identifies the best practice; therefor the research will be divided to 8 steps as follow:
1- Review the practice in the most prominent American universities, in developing management abilities and leadership of the newly appointed head of academic sections and college’s deans.
2- Compare the Prominent American universities practices and identify the best practice.
3- Review the development of design tools literature according to Human performance technology methods.
4- Design the talent evaluation and development tool.
5- Conduct a validation test by applying the designed to on 5 selected newly appointed head of academic sections and colleges deans.
6- Conduct a 360 evaluation test for the selected head of academic sections and colleges deans to find out the effect of the intervention on their talent development.
7- Tune up the tool according to acquired results.
8- Conclude the research by writing the finding and recommendation.

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