Posted: May 8th, 2015

Developing a Data Classification Procedure

Developing a Data Classification Procedure


classify the
20 commonly used data points captured in a patient or client’s electronic health record (EHR):

Identification number.
Telephone number.
Date of birth.
Date of admission.
Medication dosage.
Medication frequency.
Lab results.
Advanced directives.
Primary care physician.
Insurance provider.
Employer name and address.
Financial information.
Complete the following:

Classify the 20 commonly used data points maintained in an EHR. Include the name of the data point and the data classification, and identify the level of control required to properly store the data point. Provide a definition of the data point that would be used in a meta-data dictionary to define each data point in all systems in which it appears. Describe the data in each data classification category.
Based on this unit’s readings, create recommendations for procedures for the IT staff about how to classify data collected in an EMR. The IT staff will use the procedure to ensure that the level of control required is appropriately applied to properly store information based on classification.

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