Posted: March 5th, 2016

Develop a hypothetical description of effective leadership or advocacy on a public health issue

Your task will be to develop a hypothetical description of effective leadership or advocacy on a public health issue. The issue could be a case of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster) or a long term health care problem (e.g. responding to diabetes) or health system problem.

Your case study can relate to an issue that is globally relevant or specific to a country, state or community. The case study might even be based on an actual event or crisis that you have witnessed.

Please be advised that this is a postgraduate major assignment which worth 100 marks so I hope this order will be given to an excellent writer in this field. Moreover, I really would like my order to be with a writer who is specialist in public health.

Please see the documents for all the instructions needed (8 different files). There are 2 different word files (one for instructions and the other one is just an example). The pdf files from 1 to 4 for better understanding about the unit. Also there are 2 Scanned pages from the book as to explain more about the case studies. It is important to see all the documents for better understanding about the topic before start writing. In general, I really need a good intensive work with a high level of quality in this order so please make it; Precise and concise style (no spare padding). I need about 2500 – 3500 words excluding tables, graphs or other diagrams and references. Correct APA reference Style. Thanks

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