Posted: May 1st, 2015

Describing a Research Problem

Describing a Research Problem

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In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to draw a direct link between what is known in the scholarly literature and the gaps in the literature and the development of your own research problem.

Assignment Instructions
Complete the following:

Describe the scientific problem you selected – The psychological effects of US Deportation Officers, who deport aliens that face punishment in their country, as it relates to job satisfaction. In one paragraph, describe the scientific problem. This paragraph goes beyond the social problem to express the scientific problem. Think about it in these terms: We know x from the literature, we also know y, but we do not know z, and that is why this study’s research question is important. Review section 2.1 on the Research Plan/Scientific Merit Review Form.

Analyze how this research will advance scientific knowledge in your specialization area (Criminal Justice). In developing a comprehensive problem statement, your assignment must answer the following questions:
1)How is this study new or different from other studies?
2)Does the study address something that is not known or has not been studied before?
3)So what? How did the findings impact that field of interest?
4)Who cares? What possible practical implications do the authors predict the results of their research will have? For instance, what will be the impact of these results on the sample, the site location, or the workplace?

Identify the gaps between what is known in the literature and the development of your own research problem.

Analyze the purpose of the study. The purpose of the study needs to address the methodological reason why the study is being conducted. It is a response to the problem statement and must align with the problem statement. The entire problem statement section should include a complete background and introduction to the problem, then the succinct problem statement and this must lead into why the study is being conducted

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