Posted: April 30th, 2016

Describe how you plan on refining or limiting your topic selection?

Step One of the Final
Research Paper

Conduct preliminary research on the topic you identified in the “Developing and Limiting a Research Topic” discussion this week. Then, based on your research and the feedback in the discussion, write a one-page paper based on the following:

State your topic, and provide explanation as to why you selected that topic.
Describe how you plan on refining or limiting your topic selection.
Describe a specific claim related to this topic that you plan to argue in
your final paper.

Your paper should include a separate title and reference page, and should also be formatted to APA style. Be sure to submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document. Your Teaching Assistant will provide you with feedback on your assignment to guide you in developing your academic writing skills. You will have the opportunity to revise this component before you include it in your Final Research Paper in Week Five.

Approved Topic List

Drug trafficking in the United States
Childhood obesity
Values portrayed in popular media
Individual privacy vs. national security
Government grants for alternative energy research
Designating an official language of the United States

Resources for this Assignment
For more information

APA formatting: Refer to the Sample Research Paper located
in the ENG122 tab of the Ashford Writing Center.
Organizing/Formatting: Reference the Sample Research Paper located in the
ENG 122 tab within the Ashford Writing Center for the organization and
formatting of your paper.
Writing an Argumentative Paper: Review 6.3 Types of
Research Papers in Writing College Research Papers, specifically the section
Argumentative Research Paper,” for information on how to write an
argumentative/position paper. This will give you an idea of what your final
paper should look like.
Developing a Claim: Use information in your text and the
Summary of Argument Writing in the Ashford Writing Center to help you develop
your claim.

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