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Describe some of the new differences between and among state values/goals, religions, ethnic groups, and governmental/non-governmental organizations predicted by this scenario.

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Final Paper Detailed Outline

The end of the class is rapidly approaching and now is a great time to begin working on your Final Paper. This assignment will give you an opportunity to create a detailed outline of your paper that can be reviewed by your classmates and instructor. The feedback provided will certainly help you create a better final product.

Make sure to read over the instructions for the “Alternative Worlds and the Future of International Relations” Final Paper, located in Week Five of your online course, or in the Course Components section of this course guide.

You have already done some research regarding an issue in the context of one of the Future Worlds identified in the 2012 National Intelligence Council Report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds. For the Final Paper, you are being asked to choose a different scenario and focus on the security, economic, and identity interests as they apply to the United States.

As explained in the instructions for your Final Paper, your paper should have six major sections and include the following sections: a.Introduction and Thesis ◦Describe which “Alternative Scenario” you selected.

◦Preview your main points (Hint, you should have 5).

◦Introduce your thesis statement.

b.Theoretical Approach(s) ◦Discuss which theoretical approach(s) you choose. ◦Include sources that support your points.

c.Security Interests ◦Describe political, social/cultural, geographic/economic, and military elements of power that impact security interests discussed in this scenario.

◦Include sources that support your points.

d.Economic Interests ◦Describe how, when, where, and why money is appropriated in this new world and what new priorities/state economic interests are revealed by this scenario. ◦Include sources that support your points.

e.Identity Interests ◦Describe some of the new differences between and among state values/goals, religions, ethnic groups, and governmental/non-governmental organizations predicted by this scenario. ◦Include sources that support your points.

f.Recommendations ◦Describe your recommendations to the President on how the United States should prepare for this new possible alternative world.

g.Conclusion ◦Review your main points and overall argument/thesis.

h.Reference ◦List your primary sources in APA format.

The outline must be two to three pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style . You must identify at least two scholarly resources other than the textbook and the 2012 National Intelligence Council Report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, to support your claims and arguments.


INTRODUCTION – The trends and challenges affecting the world are increasing day by day and are uncontrollable at certain situation. The threats and challenges to United States are terrorism and other factors which affect the economy and lower the GDP and there is a historic shift in the economy. Although maintaining the relations with other countries may help in growth and development of the country, there are certain assumptions which aren’t considered but, affect the economy. The defense alliance and the relationship with the Asia-Pacific partnership have a quiet long history which is mentioned. These threats and challenges are the recent trends for the economy to overcome from and plan a strategy through which the growth and development is possible (Butts, Bradshaw & Smith, 2003).

THREATS OR CHALLENGES TO UNITED STATES INTERESTS – Various problems are faced in the US economy but the country copes up well through its information and technology. The IT field has developed consequently and it has given the world, a solution and a challenge to face with various problems. Regional security is among the largest tensions and the threats in the global economy and in Asia. Security is concisely the main reason and a threat in the economy, as it describes the functional activity in a country undertaking many risks and threats which causes terrorism. The Chinese power and the fear to overcome with the power in a growing country like china is a breakthrough point thus, this will increase the fear of insecurity and would damage the growing country. It is said that Europe is a best provider for security purpose (Clancy, Zinni & Klotz, 2004). In concise, Europe would help other countries for the developing countries such as Middle East, central Asia and Africa.

Terrorism is another threat and a challenge to US economy which prevails even today. The terror attacks faced by the US are considerably the main reason of threats and this destroyed the life of people residing in the US. This threats are been diminished but, are still the major reason of the economy and still it persists in mind of people. The economy was unstable and there were very less opportunities for growth and development in Middle East and African countries. Since decades the underdeveloped countries have faced problems, but even country like the US has faced problems due to terror attacks. The other terror attacks in form of oceans, cyber and space are the common attacks faced in the economy (Rosand, Jpe, 2008).

Climate change is a threat to economy which would affect reversely and the country faces lots of problems due to floods and natural disasters. This is a serious and growing issue faced by a country to put up the nations resources at best place. The utilization of natural resources in the best form is the main goal of a country. This is an urgent urge for a growing nation and for national security plans. America is the growing efforts for the climate changes and it leads as a confrontation. To cut the carbon pollution from the economy and to re-silence the economy is the major goal for the country to overcome the problems (Craddock, 2009). The greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to 25% to 28% which are considerably the statistics data and successfully formed data applied by the country. Climatic change is not controllable though, climate funds are helpful for the natural disasters in the economy.

THE UNITED STATES RESPONSES TO IDENTIFIED THREATS OR CHALLENGES – The various action plans are taken by the US to overcome the major threats and the challenges for better growth and development in future and to tend the current position. The National Security Strategy has been adopted as a measure to accept the challenges in the economy. In 2010 the national security strategy was applied as a good factor to help the people in the US. The advantages and the benefits achieved by the strategy helped the economy in growth and development. Various factors outlined the economic growth of the country. Leading the purpose of the NSS consisted of various objectives to promote its growth (Nevin, 2006). The US citizens and the partners are allied in the NSS. Security is provided to these partners and the citizens of the US. The innovative and a strong economy is the major advantage of the national growth, it is an open economy which gives advantage for opportunity and prosperity of the nation. The universal value of respect is been achieved at home and the neighborhood country. The national security strategy proves to be a leadership skill which gives peace, harmony and security to the US economy and thus, meets the global challenge faced in the economy (BEREC, 2014). The national security strategy would be helpful to cope up with the risks and threats faced by the economy such as, catastrophic attack faced by the US economy spoiling the infrastructure, the terror attack economic crisis, mass destruction and the climatic changes are the risks to overcome with the economy. Leading with the help of instrumental power by the United States is a major benefit. Diplomacy is the major role and the secondly the developmental activities carried by the US for their interest and future opportunities. It is very important for government to increase the security of the people as it is the main objective of the economy. National security is a security for the region and the people residing in. the information and technology impacts the economy in the dynamic world. America is growing day by day and it ensures the national security thereby giving the advantageous plans and strategies to put forward the national power which respond to changes and threats in the future (Henk, 2006).

RECOMMENDED PRIORITIES – The various recommendations and priorities for the US economy are strategic plans which include the diversifying bilateral agreements and different alliance structures. The bilateral agreements include the bilateral agreements with the regional and other countries which creates the better relationship with the traditional friends. The relationships must be flexible enough to cope up with the current situation. The debate against Japan and Korea must be focused and challenged. There should be a balance between various treaties and joint ventures for industrial growth and development. Trying to work with China would be advisable and a suggestion to put aside the disagreement and prevent the case from misunderstandings and misconceptions as it was in USSR as a Cold War. Maximizing the US instruments for the success and stabilizing the economy would prove to be beneficial for the economy. The positive steps should be taken with Asia-Pacific regions. The political attention is important for the US which helps in strengthening the economy with higher GDP.

CONCLUSION – The threats and challenges faced by the US economy is considered while mentioning the national security strategy. Various plans are formed and steps regarding the global trend 2030 are considered. The stalled engines, fusion, Gini out of the bottle and non-state world would help in future to raise the economy and overcome its threats and challenges (Boko, 2007).

REFERENCES – 1. Butts, K., Bradshaw, A. & Smith, B., (2008). “Using Sustainability to Build Stability in Africa: Strategic Policy Issues for the Army”. CSL Issue Paper, 1-08, 2008; p. 2. 2. BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) (2014), ‘Work Programme 2015’, BoR (14) 120. 3. Boko, M., (2007). “Chapter 9: Africa,” Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC. (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), p. 441. 4. Clancy T., Zinni A & T. Klotz. (2004). “Battle Ready”. (G.P. Putnams‟ Sons); pp. 320-321 5. Craddock, B. (2009). “Statement of General Bantz J”. Craddock, USA Commander US European Command to House Armed Services Committee, 13 March 2008; p. 29. 6. Henk, D. (2006); “Biodiversity and the Military in Botswana”. Armed Forces & Society, 32(2): pp. 285-286. 7. Nevin, T. (2006). “Drug Syndicates Target Africa”. Africa Business, December: p. 45. 8. Rosand, E. and Ipe, J. (2008). “Enhancing Counterterrorism Cooperation in Southern Africa”. African Security Review, 17(2): p. 44

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