Posted: October 9th, 2017

Define, discuss and describe what technologies are currently in use for Wifi on airplanes

Modern communication technology has brought us Internet connectivity just about anywhere on the planet. One very useful tool has been WiFi on airplanes. Communicating with a moving target is significantly more difficult than communicating with something that is stationary, especially an object that is traveling at 600+ mph.

1. Define, discuss and describe what technologies are currently in use for Wifi on airplanes. There are currently two mainstream methods in use. Describe how each accomplishes the same task using different communication techniques.

2. Traditionally, it has been very expensive to make phone calls while on an airplane. With telecommunication convergence, there is no longer need for a distinction between voice and data. Internet access on domestic flights can be purchased for as little as $7 per day/flight. After a long-standing ban on VoIP phone calls on flights, airlines are now considering allowing VoIP calls using airplane WiFi. One can quickly see that 200 people making phone calls can become a significant disturbance, especially when you are trapped in an aluminum can for 15+ hours. Give your opinion on whether telephone conversations should be allowed on airplanes and suggest possible compromises.

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