Posted: August 30th, 2016

Decide if or when Mom can regain?

Divorced Mom from Maryland with physical custody of two children and sole legal custody ordered by Maryland Court in 2003 seeks to regain her children from her husband, whom she has (against court order) left the children to reside within another state. The Maryland court ordered only parenting time (visitation) to be extended to the father. Since having the children against the court order, but on a verbal arrangement with the Mother of the children, Husband has had multiple cases of speeding citations, including driving with suspended license, in addition to multiple issues with disputing housing rental fees particularly with housing conciliation, in addition to eventual eviction with an eviction case in a local court. Upon threat of wanting the children back, Dad threatens mom to pay child support because he is the primary caregiver now.
Decide if or when Mom can regain?full physical and sole legal custody. Discuss The Uniform Child Custody Act or other laws that would apply for courts to be respectful of another state s court order and the process for registering this order. Discuss also whether there is any way the Maryland Court Order can be registered in a different state to give it effect, or whether an action can be brought while the children are still residing in another state, or whether this matter must occur directly with the Maryland court.

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