Posted: August 14th, 2015


Topic – Smoking: Nonsmokers should be prioritized over smokers on hospital waiting lists (Australia)
•    This is a Debate between two person, I m doing ( affirmative) and my partner will be doing (against/Negative)
You should use peer reviewed evidence to support your opinion, but you can also look to general media for additional viewpoints or to increase the authority of your perspective by predicting what your “opponents’” points of view might be
The position statements are to be conducted and recorded as a debate. Each person in the pair is to present their own position statement. The individual oral presentations are to be arranged alternatively (as in a debate) with the positive argument presented first. Lastly remember to relation to Health/ Health promotion
Have you started?
o    Reviewed the data
o    Looked at relevant policies
o    Found some position statements from relevant peal bodies
o    Looked at relevant media articles
o    Understand how to format a debate

–    Format  (I will be speaker 1 )
Speaker 1: Introduce topic sentence, present one evidence based argument    (690 words)
Speaker 2: Introduce opposition stance, present one evidence based argument (NO NEED)
Speaker 1: Rebut speaker 2, present one evidence based argument, and conclude     (690 words)
Speaker 2: Negative – rebut speaker 1, present one evidence based argument, conclude (NO NEED)

Example (Please watch)

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