Posted: February 16th, 2017

Which customer type (promotional or regular) spent the most money on average? EXPLAIN

Pelican Stores, a division of National Clothing, is a chain of women’s apparel stores operating throughout the country. The chain recently ran a promotion in which discount coupons were sent to customers of other National Clothing stores. Data collected for a sample of 100 in-store credit card transactions at Pelican Stores during one day while the promotion was running is provided below.

The proprietary card method of payment refers to charges made using a National Clothing charge card. Customer’s who made a purchase using a discount coupon are referred to as promotional customers and customers who made a purchase but did not use a discount coupon are referred to as regular customers. Because the promotional coupons were not sent to regular Pelican Stores customers, management considers the sales made to people presenting the promotional coupons as sales it would not otherwise make. Of course, Pelican also hopes that the promotional customers will continue to shop at its own stores.

Items the total number of items purchased

Net Sales the total amount ($) charged to the credit card
Pelican’s management would like to use this sample data to learn about its customer’s base and to evaluate the promotion involving discount coupons.

Complete the table above using Excel functions. You may also use pivot tables if you know how to (see pgs 77-80)
(Those of you familiar with SPSS or Minitabs may use those programs instead) (20 pts)

Answer the following using the same programs:

1) Which customer type (promotional or regular) spent the most money on average? EXPLAIN (2 pts)

2) What was the standard deviation for promotional and for regular customers? Which group had less variability in their purchases? EXPLAIN (3 pts)

3) Create a bar chart (see pgs 73-75 for histograms) for net sales for all customers. Are net sales positively or negatively skewed–EXPLAIN. Keep bar chart as part of your answer (5 pts)

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