Posted: August 14th, 2015

culture in practice

culture in practice

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Rationale: A literature review is an analysis of research and other academic literature that identifies the ‘what’, ‘who’ ‘where’ and ‘why’ of a chosen topic.(see link)

A literature review is usually associated with thesis writing. Literature reviews are also part of project and programme development. A review provides us with what is current in the field and where gaps are that need to be addressed.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to further develop literature review writing skills. This focus is on culture in practice and covers a wide range of topics.

Identify and discuss literature related to theories of culture in relation to yourself (non religious/ working class/ registered nurse/ 3 small children/ married/ living and working remotely), your profession (remote area nurse), organisation (dept of health, Top End Remote Health) and the communities (remote indigenous community) in which you work. How do these theories influence and shape personal, professional, organisational structures and how might they enable or constrain protection of cultural identity and promotion of well-being of people using health services. This may include addressing literature on culture, power, values, attitudes, health beliefs, power in health settings and professional codes of conduct.

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