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One of our chapters discussed the role of values and beliefs in forming an organization’s culture. The topic of organization culture is big business on the Internet. Many companies use their Web pages to describe their mission, vision, and corporate values and beliefs. There also are many consulting firms that advertise how they help organizations change their cultures. The purpose of this exercise is for you to obtain information pertaining to the organizational culture for two different companies. You can go about this task by very simply searching on the key words “organizational culture” or “corporate vision and values.” This search will identify numerous companies for you to use to answer the following questions. You may want to select companies that you would like to work for in the future.

What are the espoused values and beliefs of the companies?
Using the worksheet on Figure 3.6: What does the web page reveal about the culture of this organization? Would this culture be conducive to effective project management?

Organizational Culture Diagnosis Worksheet
Power Corp.
I. Physical Characteristics:
Architecture, office layout, décor, attire
Corporate HQ is 20 Story modern building—president on top floor. Offices are bigger in the top floors than lower floors. Formal business attire (white shirts, ties, power suits, . . . ) Power appears to increase the higher up you are.
II. Public Documents:
Annual reports, internal newsletters, vision statements
At the heart of the Power Corp. Way is our vision . . . to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance. Integrity. We are honest with others and ourselves. We meet the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. We do what we say we will do.
III. Behavior:
Pace, language, meetings, issues discussed, decision-making style, communication patterns, rituals
Hierarchical decision-making, pace brisk but orderly, meetings start on time and end on time, subordinates choose their words very carefully when talking to superiors, people rarely work past 6:00 P.M., president takes top performing unit on a boat cruise each year . . .
IV. Folklore:
Stories, anecdotes, heroines, heroes, villains
Young project manager was fired after going over his boss’s head to ask for additional funds.
Stephanie C. considered a hero for taking complete responsibility for a technical error.
Jack S. was labeled a traitor for joining chief competitor after working for Power Corp. for 15 years.

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