Posted: April 8th, 2015

Cultural Understanding Matters in Counterinsurgency Operations

Focus of Paper
1. Address the Research Question: Avoid story-telling; Avoid describing facts; Analyse & Assess a chosen case-study
2. Make the distinction between First & Second Order Thinking: “Why address this?” (First Order); “How do I go about addressing this?” (Second Order)
3. Define key terms & concepts: No need for literature review – but demonstrate ‘reason why’ behind working definition
4. Make a clear argument: Advocate a position supported by evidence & examples – Avoid story-telling
5. Make a policy recommendation (if necessary): Advocate a position – What is your position? Why are you pushing for this? How will it work?

How to Structure Your Term Paper
1. Introduction:
a. ‘Lead’ your reader to destination;
b. Lay out key issues associated with research question & define key terms
c. Explain approach; explain choice of case studies

2. Main Body:
a. Start making you ‘sales-pitch’;
b. Build your ‘sales-pitch’ in a clear, logical flow: organise your thoughts into clear sections; sub-sections; paragraphs;
c. Weigh evidence and consider different positions: but take a position

3. Conclusion – Final analysis NOT summary:
a. Amplify your main argument; make final recommendation(s);
b. Final points on issues that may need further consideration………

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