Posted: June 8th, 2015

Cultural Blueprint / Mind Map

Cultural Blueprint / Mind Map


Completion of this mind map will also help to prepare you for Assessment 2, in which you are asked to write a critical reflection on how elements explored in this mind-map can relate to theory about culture
Cultural mind map

Construct a mind map as a visual representation to show your understanding and analysis of your cultural self. Your mind map should identify how knowledge, experience and behaviour all contribute to four different elements of your culture. It should also show how these different aspects of your culture are inter-related.
Note: While this assessment requires self-reflection to create a visual representation of you as a cultural being, you only need to consider culture and its influence at a general level and are not required to disclose anything of a highly personal nature.
1. Creating your mind map

Reflect on and choose at least 4 elements of your personal culture to represent in your mind map. These could relate to things like rituals, objects, activities, beliefs, places and people which you have identified as being important to you or have influenced the person you are today.
You need to have 4 different cultural elements present in your mind map and all sections of your mind map need to be linked as they are all a part of you.
Show in your mind map, how your experience, knowledge and behaviours in relation to each cultural element are connected.
Indicate (in words and/or images) how these influence your view of the world, your values and beliefs or what you consider normal and different or right and wrong.
Provide a ‘key’ for the different aspects by clear colour coding or particular shapes.
For example: Sport or language may be a cultural element. Your experience as a team player may influence your knowledge of yourself as someone who likes to play in teams and your behaviour as a good team player in other areas of your life.

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