Posted: November 29th, 2015

Critical Reading in Early Childhood Studies

ssignment 2- Critical Analysis Pack
Part 1- Analysing (children’s books or films) (1000 words)
Key questions to support your discussion
Identify 8-10 key words by highlighting

1. What does critical analysis involve?
2. Atypical Schools: Norway’s Outdoor Kindergarten (Learning World: S1E52, 2/3)

4. Why is critical analysis of this kind of text important/necessary?

5. What techniques can we use to critically analyse the text?

6. Is there anything we need to be careful of when analysing this kind of text?

Part 2- Analysis of chosen text (450 words)
Here is where you use the techniques that you have discussed in the previous section to analyse your text – you should also include evidence here to support your arguments.

Part 3- Glossary of key terms (100 words)
Analyse: to take apart and examine closely
Critical analysis: a set of methods for exploring evidence in a systematic way (Cottrell, 2011)

Evidence should be cited throughout to show where you got your ideas from.
Cottrell, S. (2011) Critical Thinking Skills: Developing effective analysis and argument London:Palgrave

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