Posted: December 30th, 2015

the critical appraisal of a clinical pharmacist role in stroke

main body 3 , main body 4 and the conclusion . for the introduction and maybe the main body 1 I want you to write it and include all the information as bellow :
1. Disease pathology and pathophysiology and risk factors
2. Disease Management including first and second line treatment of the disease.

3.Drug Chemistry, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
• This includes description of the pharmacology of 1st and 2nd line treatment and related this to efficacy and side effect profiles.

4.Medicine Formulation and administration issues
• This include the advantages and disadvantages for 1st and 2nd line treatments
5. Patient care; advice, social and ethical
This include preparing a Pharmaceutical Care Plan that includes: counselling, education, advice and monitoring parameters (for the patient and drug), lifestyle, social and ethical issue for 1st and 2nd line treatments

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