Posted: May 9th, 2015

Creative Reading & Viewing

Creative Reading & Viewing

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Provide a close analysis of a text of your choosing using at least two of the readings from this semester. This text can be a poem, painting, piece of music, scene from a film, or anything else you want, however I advise you to choose something that can be discussed in depth in only 3-5 pages. You do not have to write about something we have studied in class. (Important notes: I have uploaded some readings about “Cinema, “The Seventh Art” please use those readings)
paper requirement:( important)
You essay should address:

1) How the theoretical texts you have selected shed light on this work, and/or how the work in question informs your reading of the theoretical text.
2) How the historical context of the text informs your reading of it, Needless to say, your analysis should address subject matter and style using specific textual examples.

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