Posted: July 6th, 2016

.Create a Reference Page with at least 5 references???

3.Complete Part 1 of the Research Paper assignment

In part 1 of the research paper your goal is to do significant research for the paper, finalized by a substantial outline. In order to complete this assignment, you should: 1.Choose a topic and get it approved. 2.Write a thesis statement. 3.Write an outline with the following sections:

Complete Part 2 of the Research Paper assignment

In part 2 of the research paper you will finalize your first draft of the research paper. You should: •Write an 1800 word research paper. •Use proper APA or MLA formatting. •Include a fully developed introduction, thesis, at least 3-5 main points, a conclusion, and a reference page

a.An introduction with a thesis statement;

b.3-5 main points; and a


4.Research the Topic and Main Points, •Adding notes to the outline; •Adding references to a working reference page; •And collecting several sources for each main point.

5.Create a Reference Page with at least 5 references. 6.Submit in Moodle.

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