Posted: March 2nd, 2017

Create a new Word document and save it with the title of lastname_fundraiser.docx.

You have been asked by your boss to plan a fundraiser for all of the employees in your
business. You need to decide on the theme, the food you will serve, the
location for the fundraiser, and the entertainment you will have. Plan on a
three-hour event—the date and time are up to you to decide. Of course,
everything that you include needs to be school and classroom appropriate.

Create a new Word document and save it with the title of
lastname_fundraiser.docx. Include your name and the assignment number in the
first two lines of the document or in a Header.

As a first step to your planning, come up with a description of your
fundraiser, and start to gather some ideas for what you will include.
Next, include a section called Theme. Describe in roughly 150 words what your
fundraiser theme will be and what you plan to have as entertainment for the
fundraiser. Be creative with this! Keep people entertained for three hours. You
can consider things such as games, bands, adventure activities, or tours.
The next part of the assignment is to pick a location for your fundraiser.
Include a section called Location and list at least three possibilities for
where to have your fundraiser. You can find these by searching the Internet for
locations near you or wherever you want the fundraiser to be held. For each
possible location, include a sentence or two defending why this would be a good
location and include the link to the Web site where you found it so your
classmates can look at the places as well.
Select possible entertainment. This should fit with the theme you planned, and
it can range from guided tours to board games to live bands. Pick at least
three possible choices for entertainment. In a section called Entertainment,
include a brief description of your three choices and a link to the Web site
where you found each of them. Once again, you want your classmates to see what
you have found.

Add some formatting to your text and decorate your page with some clip art to
demonstrate your theme more visually! You can change the color of your text,
the font, and the style of your text under the Home ribbon and add Clip Art
under the Insert ribbon on Microsoft Word.

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