Posted: August 23rd, 2016

Create a chart to illustrate the crime trend statistics you chose.?

The Criminal Justice System Throughout this course, you have come to know the complexity of the criminal justice system and how its design protects the public while punishing those that commit crimes. It is part of our society s fabric. Prepare a presentation on this system to a new student entering the criminal justice program. Resources: Criminal Justice in Action, Appendix A, and Appendix C Due Date: Day 7 [Post to assignment section of eCampus] forum Review Appendix C regarding the creation of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, if necessary. Create a 12 to 15 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation outlining the procedural steps of the criminal justice system. o Define the criminal justice system in your own words. o The crime: Choose a crime trend from the text and identify this trend in your city or state. Create a chart to illustrate the crime trend statistics you chose. o The police: Identify the roles and responsibilities of the police after a crime has been committed. What they must do and why? o The courtroom and trial: Identify a courtroom in your area or state. Identify those who work in a courtroom and describe their roles. o Sentencing and punishment: Explain the purpose of sentencing and punishment, identify forms of punishment, identify some factors of sentencing, and identify who sets the sentencing. o Corrections: Identify 2 to 3 correctional facilities in your area or state. Provide information about the types of facilities they are (maximum or minimum security); the types of designs; whether they are private or public; their population statistics; and their type of crime statistics. o Community: Explain the community s role by highlighting 2 to 3 community based programs in your area or state. Describe their purpose and functions. Include detailed speaker s notes for each slide Cite at least two sources to support your statistical findings. Use APA formatting guidelines.

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