Posted: November 2nd, 2015

cover letter

Dear Writer,
-For this cover letter, you should introduce the contents of your ePortfolio and reflect on your progress up to this point in the quarter. You should also include work that shows your ability to support the various criteria found in the 39B Midterm Portfolio Rubric (found in Class Files).

-For example, what class work, and what parts of the work, demonstrate the Writing Process/Revision Skills (“The writer has learned to apply his/her thoughtful self-evaluation, and has also made use of feedback as well as the class models and supportive texts to improve his/her work. The result is original, clear, thoughtful, complex and polished final products.”)?

-Or what class work, and which parts of the work, shows that you met Benchmarks from week to week (“Far surpasses the minimum standards for all process work during the quarter, turning in final drafts in as scheduled, and going beyond the minimum number of pages and other requirements.”)?

-Provide not just claims of your ability to fulfill the rubric criteria, but also explanations based on evidence of the work you’ve done this quarter.

And below is the email that my professor sent to us:

Hi, everyone–

For the midterm portfolio, you’re narrating your own progress up to this point in the quarter, and showing me the good work you’ve done (you don’t have to include the RA, since that was turned in separately). What I’m looking for in the midterm portfolio is to see that you’ve been keeping up with and doing the class work so far. The final portfolio is the one that you can include the RA on, and you can annotate and amend the RA for that portfolio.

**I think you could just generally read the syllabus and the RA essay that in the attachment and talk about how this writing class make me progress.

And in the attachment, the Rhetorical Analysis essay and three weeks homework are the works that I have wrote in this class, this is a midterm cover letter, so maybe you could also talk about how I need to make progress in the left quarter.

**Please don’t use too many complicated works and sentences. Thank you !

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