Posted: December 16th, 2015

Covent Garden – popular leisure destination for both, tourists and Londoners. What contributes to the success of this branded space?

This unit is the culmination of the Contextual and Theoretical Studies component of the course, and provides you with the opportunity to utilise all your knowledge and analytical skills related to visual culture and critical theory in the realisation of a self-determined and extended piece of written work. The subject of the work will be based on the written proposal and research you produced at the end of the second year and it can be directly linked to other Year 3 Units. The indicative content is determined by you, but it will be placed within the broad context of design, media and visual culture.
The thesis be must demonstrate detailed research, the application of a range of different research methods and methodological approaches and be contextualized from a historical, socio-political and theoretical perspective.
The thesis will be an academically rigorous piece of work manifesting critical enquiry, reflection, analysis and original research. It forms an important part of the final stage assessment within the programme, provides a summative measure of your ability to achieve the aims and objectives of the final year of the degree, and is weighted accordingly.

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