Posted: August 6th, 2015

courtesy and respect

courtesy and respect

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a lesson plan on courtesy and respect. Use this information as a guide and expand on it. Please use evidence based article and research to support evidence and findings. Please research on HCHAPS Domain of courtesy and respect. The target score is 86.8 and our unit is currently at 68.2. so we need to improve on courtesy and respect domain.

• To use evidence base practice as a guide to improve HCHAPs scores on courtesy and respect domain
• To promote an environment that encourage patient’s respect and courtesy
• To enhance patient satisfaction and engagement
• To promote a culture of caring and compassion
• To exercise therapeutic communication between nurses and patients
Methodology – I want you to make a lesson plan and find case studies to educate staff.
Case studies
Length of presentation: 20minutes

CONTENT OUTLINE – Please focus on these content area.
• What is Respect?
• What is Courtesy?
• Therapeutic Communication
• Avoiding slangs such as calling patient “sweety”, “honey”,
• Spending time with patient and not rushing
• How to show respect.
• Taking the time to explain things to patient during admission, chemotherapy, discharge, change in treatment, new medication etc
• Responding to call bell
• Behavioral – Being pleasant, smiling, body gestures
provide evidence based practice guideline. Please provide statistic to support evidence.

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