Posted: June 4th, 2015

Course work 3, 4, and 5

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I have found that assumptions don’t do anything but get you into trouble. As a senior in high school my history teacher wrote the word ASSUME on the board and showed us what exactly that word means. Breaking down the word into the first 3 letters alone then the next one by itself and the last two by itself. Not trying to be inappropriate but this shows that when assuming we make something of U and ME. I have always remembered this and have found it to be so true. Lets just say that your child needs money for a trip at school and you left the money on the table assuming your child will get the money. The child assumed you stuck it in their book bag and goes on to school. What happened? The money didn’t get turned in and the child may miss the trip or you are headed to the school to take the money. So this is just a small example but in the workplace assuming someone else did something instead of communicating and making sure it was done can be life threatening. Maybe one nurse assumed the other nurse took the vital signs of a surgical patient and no one checks the patient. That could be an issue. I think that the moral is here is to not assume and to communicate with each other to ensure what needs to be done gets done.

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by Karyn Hall, PhD, August 20, 2012
The first article was very interesting. It is so true how your perception does affect the truth. I just recently experienced a situation. I knew that I have been working mostly the expected hours of a part time job. The parent texted me telling me that she felt I was only doing 40-50% of my hours. I looked at my pay stubs and I have been dong my expected hours. The mom was under the perception that I was not. I showed her what I have done and she apologized for thinking I was not doing what was expected. I know many of our perception are wrong and we need to be careful to know all of the facts before making an assumption.

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by Christof Koch, June 24, 2010
The second article discussing the sports inexperience was very interesting. i could see how if someone felt the ball was bigger, they were more apt to hit it. I was always fearful of missing the ball and tended to miss it. I need to try this experiment to see if I am more successful. I know when I first returned to school, I feared writing papers and now I am more confident. I do not have as much difficulty now unless I perceive that t will be difficult. I totally can see how perception can affect one’s ability to perform a task.

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