Posted: April 6th, 2015

Corporate and/or Brand Positioning

Corporate and/or Brand Positioning

Taken from the corporate and / or brand line positioning. You must remind creatives that their creative work must reflect the brand’s established positioning against competitive brands. Include a simple positioning statement: To the target customer (T), Brand X is the brand of category need (C) that offers the key benefit (B)?
6 Brand Character/Personality
The key phrases or terms which describe the personality the brand should consistently portray. How do you want to speak to your target audience? You need to think as if your brand was a person, how would you describe them? You should communicate what the voice and personality of the campaign will be.
7 Target Audience Profile/Segment(s)
Who are we talking to? Who are our most promising prospects? The more precise and detailed the description the better. If possible, go beyond general demographics and psychographies to create a brief, but rich narrative around the target segment. Build a personalized profile that paints a picture of the audience. Be specific where you can.

8 Consumer Insight/Sweet Spot
What is the consumer mindset? What do they currently think? Where are they coming from? What are the ‘ little human truths ‘ that can we tap into that will make an emotional connection that is relevant and memorable with the target? (e.g., habits, lifestyle snippets the reality of their hopes, fears, dreams, interactions, usage situations, aspirations)?

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