Posted: May 23rd, 2015

Contract Terminations, Changes and Disputes

Contract Terminations, Changes and Disputes

Answer the following Questions:
Limit answers to two pages (double spaced). You may reference the text: Government Contract Changes, 3rd edition: Ralph C. Nash, JR> and Steven W. Feldman. Publisher: Thomson/West.
This assignment must be completed no later than 8 Coct 2013 [No exceptions]

Question 1
Identify what changes clauses you would use for changes regarding each of the following types of contract. Be sure to include the spectic clause number and name.
a. Time and Material Contract
b. Fixed Price Contract pertaining to Research and Development
c. Fixed Price Construction Contract
d. Fixed Price Demolition Contract

Question 2
What are two purposes of the Changes clause?

Question 3
Explain the Actual Authority Rul [FAR 1.602-1(a) & FAR 43.102(a) and give an example of when an act would VIOLATE the rule.

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