Posted: May 22nd, 2015

Continuingthe plan Hawaiian restaurant this part will focus on the marketing, operations and insurance components. It needs to provide information on the industry, market, organization structure and how it will function, insurance needs and risk analysis.

Continuingthe plan Hawaiian restaurant this part will focus on the marketing, operations and insurance components. It needs to provide information on the industry, market, organization structure and how it will function, insurance needs and risk analysis.

The concept of my restaurant is provided variety of foods from Asian foods through Western foods for people who live at 3000 Connecticut Avenue Washington D.C.. There are variety of races who live at this area Furthermore, I will provide a bar in my restaurant, so people who just want to go out to socialize with society they can go to my restaurant to have some alcohol shots.

Menu/Type of Foods:

Generally, my restaurant will serve Hawaiian foods. Thus, all of my food types are the combination between Asian food, and Western food. But, I will keep all of the dressing style in Hawaiian mode. First of all, I will provide five appetizers menu. Those foods are combination between vegetables, edamame, seafood, fresh seafood, and fruits. I will mix all of these into five different menus.

Further, I will provide two division of delicious entrée selection. This entrée selection will reflect that my restaurant is a real Hawaiian restaurant. It is because it provides foods from Asian to Western. At the menu section I will divide into two parts. The first part is Asian specialties; this section will provide the customers six combinations that will satisfy customers who want Asian seafood, barbeque, and meat.

In addition, my Hawaiian restaurant will provide five different menus in the Western specialties. This entrée provides type of foods like steak, and western style barbeques with potatoes, and vegetables. I want my customers to feel the delicious foods from meat to vegetables.

Finally, I provide sushi, and bar for my customers. There are 10 types of sushi with seven different alcohol beverages. This is meant for people who just want to hang out in my restaurant, or socialize with people. Additionally, I will provide juices, sodas, water, and smoothies. All of my foods will somehow visualize people that they are having dining in Hawaii.

Local Restriction:
1. According to the USDA, there are no restrictions on my foods; in other words, All of my foods are legal to be sold in the USA.
2. I need to maintain my food quality, so I will not break the law because poisoning people with my foods.

Restaurant Legal, and Regulatory Issues (Maintaining Food Safety):
1. Foods that are off from the freezer for two hours must be trashed.
2. Foods that are cooked after four hours must be trashed.
3. My restaurant must ask for COA (Certification of Analysis), or LOG( Letter of Guarantee. These are the certificates that proof the meats, and foods from our suppliers are clean from microorganism, salmonella, e coli, and other bacteria.
4. My employees should visually check the food, if the color doesn’t match through the COA, and LOG. We should call our supplier and return the products.
5. My employees should check the freezer temperature before they start working, at the middle of their shift, and the end of the day. This will make sure that the freezer is working properly to maintain the food safety.
6. In order to prevent the pest to get inside my restaurant, all of the trashes from the trash bin should be removed daily, so it will not drag bugs into my restaurant.
7. I should put the trash bin at the back of my restaurant.
8. I have to design double door at the back of my restaurant in order to trap bugs.
9. I will install air door to suck the bugs that may come in my food storage.
10. I need to wash my kitchen tools with hot water, soap, and sanitize it in the right way to remove the dirt, and scrap.


There are 601,723 people who are living in Washington D.C.. Those people are:

White    38.50%
African American    50.70%
Hispanic    9.10%
Asian    3.50%
Other    4.10%

Races    Total Population
White    231,663
African American    305,073
Hispanic    54,756
Asian    21,060
Other    24,670

I believe that this diversity could bring positive impacts to my restaurant. It is because my restaurant is going to provide the food that they want. So all of races could get what they want by going to my restaurant. Furthermore, they can just hang around in my bar for getting some shot of alcohols. Therefore, this demographic shows that there are many different races who currently live in Washington D.C.. It means that all of them could go into my restaurant for dining.

Additionally, people who are living in this area have the income between $90,000-$190,000. I believe that these are middle to upper class people. As what I researched I found out that the middle to upper class people who are living in this area reach 67% of the population, so I have a good market to sell all of my products. My restaurant is meant for teenager, young adult, adult, and old people.

Space Needs:

I need 1650ft x 660ft = 1,089,000 ft2 for my restaurant, which is for the overall of my restaurant. I am going to reserve 330ft x 132ft = 43,560 ft2for the bar at the restaurant, and I am going to use 150ft x 70ft= 10,500ft2 for the decoration. I also have plans to provide 50 tables with 4 seats for each table. This is going to be a big restaurant because I need more spaces for my room decoration. Hawaiian styles will take a lot of spaces, so I do need to consider about that small decoration that may take

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