Posted: April 2nd, 2015

contemporary suicidal bombers

contemporary suicidal bombers

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? The final project will take the form negotiated and determined at the proposal stage that was then
developed with the outline and thesis.
? You should use a standard style for your in-text citations and reference page.
? The final project should clearly define and analyze a sociological issue or themes using theories and
ideas discussed in the course that you build on through independent research.

socialization, anomie, alienation, disenchantment, the sociological imagination, culture, the presentation of self, the self, and deviance.

* REMEMBER: to argue that contemporary suicidal bombers are deviant and how the norm of modern life says this is deviant.


1. is not sanction by war
2. it is violence
3. is consider violence that these bombers are killing innocent people
4. we are in a modern society where we have a social contract that guarantee that we are not going to blow each other out

* The argument is that contemporary suicidal bomber is a form of deviance. that is rare and not normal.

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