Posted: August 6th, 2015

Contemporary architectural space and form as an expression of cultural ideology

Contemporary architectural space and form as an expression of cultural ideology

Write a brief, well edited paragraph describing a research direction/project related to your current design project. This requires outlining what you understand your studio task to be about, and specific foci you wish to bring to it, or anticipate will be critical.
For ADS_10, you may have already established themes that you want to test in new ways alongside your studio development, for example zoomorphic analogies or indexical parametric modelling of architecture, that to date have only been applied expediently to producing your ADS_9 project, but you are aware of the gaps in your process or understanding. Or for those interested in the How Soon is Now option, there may be obvious issues of say, Australian modernism, temporality in architecture or curatorial practices. A word of caution: keep the focus narrow and specific rather than too general. Aim for depth rather than breadth, and rigour rather than ambition in the available time.
What is your topic?
Name a practitioner, architect, artist, film-maker, writer, project who is really relevant to this? Whose physical work + process you can look at?
List as least 3 key sources relating to your intentions.
Your outline should be reasonably direct about what you think you are going to do. Dont just describe an area of interest you must try and describe some defined limits that make this potentially a research topic + how the proposal relates to studio themes.
A traditional approach which you will already be familiar with from AADRM is to frame a research approach by posing the questions: what, how, why, who, where, when?

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