Posted: April 26th, 2016

What constraints operate in the world of filmmaking that influence how events are represented?

For this assignment, you will compare the film version of a story to the original, which you will have carefully read, then write an essay utilizing critical analysis as well as comparison/contrast methods


Using vocabulary from the glossary of terms, analyze in depth one of the adapted works studied in class in an essay of 850-1200 words. (If you would like to analyze a work not studied in class, it must be a work of literary fiction, and must be approved by your instructor first. Otherwise, it will not be graded.)

Analyze a film adaptation of one of the stories we read in class in terms of the degree to which the film altered the original story, and the specific techniques employed in adapting the book to the screen.
You should focus on differences between the book and the film relative to differences between the two different media, as opposed to simply judging one as “better” than the other.
Discuss how the filmmaker(s) adapted the story’s plot, character, setting, dialogue, and theme (you may discuss all of these elements, or you may choose to discuss just a couple of them).
Discuss how each of these elements translate onto the screen. (Consider the elements of the film such as motion, light, color, movement, editing and its effect on narrative time, sound (including musical score and soundtrack), characters/actors, and special effects.)
The paper should include reference to specific passages from the literary work, as well as specific scenes from the film.
Include a Works Cited page.


Consider whether the original screenplay version, or the final film version is more effective
What constraints operate in the world of filmmaking that influence how events are represented?
You may also use secondary sources to support your thesis, but this is not required.

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