Posted: August 27th, 2015

Connecting through Experience.

Write an essay about an event (or connected series of events) that changed your behavior, attitude, or outlook on life. Do not merely tell your experience, but recreate the action of the experience, using vivid description, specific scenes, and dialogue to put your reader in the moment. After you have narrated your experience, analyze in multiple paragraphs how the experience impacted you. Your analysis should include one piece of evidence that is quoted in MLA citation style.

Invention Techniques:
Before writing the essay, begin identifying your issue through a series of invention techniques, including but not limited to the following: brainstorming, listing, clustering, questioning, and so forth. You must submit at least two invention techniques as part of the final essay grade.

Planning & Organization Process:
After the invention process, it is important for you to begin planning the organizational pattern for the essay. Planning includes identifying your thesis, establishing main ideas (or topic sentences) for each paragraph, supporting each paragraph with appropriate evidence, and creating ideas for the introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Drafting & Revision Process:
Once you have completed the planning process, write a rough draft of your essay. Next, take steps necessary to improve, polish, and revise your draft before turning it in for a final grade. The revision process includes developing ideas, ensuring the thesis statement connects to the main ideas of each paragraph, taking account of your evidence and supporting details, checking for proper use of MLA citation style, and proofreading for formatting and/or grammatical errors.

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