Posted: August 28th, 2016

Where in Congress does Impeachment begin?

1. If you had been elected to the United States House of Representatives
a. How long would your term in office be?
b. How much money would you make?
c. What would be the basic requirements to qualify?
d. What immunities would you have?
2. You have become chairperson of the Foreign Relations committee
a. What would be your basic powers as a chairperson?
b. How would you use them to prevent or stop discussion on an issue you do NOT want the committee to discuss?
3. Concerning Impeachment:
a. Who can be impeached by Congress and for what?
b. Where in Congress does Impeachment begin?
c. Where does it end?
d. What is the sentence should impeachment be successful?
4. What were the Articles of Impeachment (charges) voted out against President Nixon?

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