Posted: April 20th, 2016

which they conduct themselves is highly important??

Assume that you are the training supervisor of a large,local retail company. The company has seven department stores in your city. One of your biggest problems
is adequately training new salesclerks. Because salesclerks represent your company to the public, the manner in which they conduct themselves is highly important.
Especially critical aspects of their job include knowledge of the computerized cash register system, interaction with the customers, and knowledge of the particular products being sold.

Design a three day orientation/training program for new salesclerks. Be sure to outline the specific topics (subjects) to be covered and the techniques to be used.

Include the 1,400 to 1,750 word assignment in your final project for the section on Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods.
Format the assignment according to APA guidelines, including title page, references and in text citations

Your responses must focus on a design for training with the audience (new salesclerks in a large, local retail company) in mind. Responses should also include specific topics to be covered, techniques to be used for the training, and methods for evaluating the success of the program.

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