Posted: May 1st, 2015

Concerns on act of racial profiling by police

Concerns on act of racial profiling by police

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Question Set #2

Main Topic: Policing and Security:

Answer question set based on these concerns:

“The act of racial profiling by police and other law enforcement agents has led to unfair treatment of the less perceived people from certain race. Racial profiling or any other discrimination based on one’s looks is a very unfair act on the part of the public officer because it leads to unfair treatment of the affected parties. The current shooting witnessed on minority races in US have brought out the long rooted differences between the affected races and believe that certain race is less important. The huge demonstrations that have follow such shooting and subsequent unpopular court’s ruling is an indication of the feelings of the affected people. Different factors may have force the law enforcers to act in such ways as they believe that these people of minority tribe may be threats to them. They believe that these people are more likely to commit crime than the others. This is a poor judgment and should not be in minds of these law enforcement agents paid from public money. They should treat all the people fairly because I do not believe that they are more likely to commit crime compared to others. Please provide the questions followed by the answer”.

Cite references as per APA guidelines if required.

Provide 275-words on question set below

Do you think these same concerns were present before and only highlighted now by a more aggressive media or by the availability of smart phone technology which more readily captures incidences?

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