Posted: August 30th, 2015

Comparative Study.

A Comparative Study of Bhabani Bhattacharya’s He Who Rides The Tiger and John A William’s The Man Who Cried I Am

1.abstract and introduction

• Brief sketch of BB & his works
• Brief sketch of JAW & his works

2. Literature review

• He Who Rides The Tiger

Write about date and publication
General themes and structures
Critical views / reception

• The Man Who Cried I Am
Date and publication

General theme and structure
Critical reception

3. Common themes in He Who Rides The Tiger & The Man Who Cried I Am

• Caste and class
• Race and class
• Social structure ((For example in India the poor people suffer a lot because of cast and class and society always supported upper class people and they oppressed and superseded from different side .so what is or was different between American society and Indian society for these kinds of people?)
• Poverty and hunger
• Exploitation men , women and children discrimination

4. Compare between the two novels (with critique point of view )

• Similarities and Differences

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