Posted: July 31st, 2016

How does your company treat minority employees?

Write a 1,400 to 1,750 word research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community.
Support your findings with research material and cite all of your sources with APA formatted in text citations and references.
Provide a comprehensive overview of each of the following areas by answering as many questions as possible. Be sure to provide details and examples.

Your Community

o For the community, you may consider your town, city, school, or workplace.
o Identify your community.
o What is the statistical breakdown of ethnic and racial groups in your community? To find this information go to
o Do the various groups tend to live in their own communities or are they dispersed among the general population?
o Identify the racial or ethnic group you belong to. How does your group compare to the other groups in your community?
o Are people treated differently because of their racial or ethnic background. If so, provide examples.

o Discuss some of the challenges facing minorities in your community. For example, employment opportunities, income, education, housing, healthcare, or crime. Research local newspapers and provide examples.
o If you could change any inequities in your community, what would you change? How and why?

o Describe your employer.
o How does your company treat minority employees?
o What do they do to ensure everyone is treated fairly?
o Do they have a diversity/discrimination policy?
o Do they provide cultural diversity training for employees and management?
o What could they do better in this regard?

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