Posted: August 11th, 2015

Comercial Law – Specific Contract

Comercial Law – Specific Contract

Paper details:
Referencing should be done as in the file attached. The research proposal should contain following sections: 1-DESCRIPTIVE TITLE Describe the research you intend to undertake in about 30 words or less 2- Intended area of research Provide a brief description of the problem you would like to research, in no more than three brief paragraphs (200 – 300 words). You need not provide detailed conclusions at this point, but state your preliminary premise for the research. 3- Relevance of proposed research Provide a brief synopsis (400-500 words) of the reasons why you think a thesis or dissertation on the topic you identified is relevant. Detail is not required, but it is necessary to show that you have given the project some thought. You may want to mention cases or legislation central to your proposed research here. Be sure to indicate how you think this research will make an original contribution to existing knowledge 4- Purpose of the proposed research Given the above overview, conclude by indicating what you hope to achieve with the research (200 words). 5- Main sources Please indicate any sources you have referred to in the drafting of your research outline.

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