Posted: June 13th, 2015

Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company has a long-term analysis with its financial history and its diversity as a business with dividend policies.
It is a manufacturing company in which it buys material and use labor to make products for selling to consumers. In order to manufacture there are goods that should be needed such as raw material, inventory, progress inventory, and finished goods.
The profile of the Company serves more than 500 non-alcoholic beverages and markets other brands such as Fanta and sprite. The company almost manufactures, markets and sells concentrates to other factories. Coca-Cola Company has sold about 25billion within 2011-2009. Since of it rapid movement of cluttering throughout the globe Coca-Cola stays at the top of competitors especially being a bargain price. For that it is sought to be that the owner Warren Buffet has held such a strong unassailable growth company that goes long term in its investments and being a good affable in shareholders. Which are based on what companies are entering the market and using advertisement as a winning way. Another part of long-term growth is bursting consumers with a juristic increase in consumptions. Also, an increase percentage in prices those are larger than cost-inflation.
Probably the reason why coca cola sells really fast is due to the fact that it is considered to have advantages that are as addictive to tobacco. In that even as per-capita consumption lowers a little of developed in the markets, allows price increase which can alleviate the situation the company’s financial raise and best selling distribution has gained to emerge with more healthy brands. Although this is hard for brand to be a successful as Coca-Cola even with distributing new products that will most likely raise the production rate. The reason why this variety is targeted in the market is because even when Coca-Cola is manufactured wherever parts of the world it tastes different.
When coca cola earns $38.38 they trade 17.1 X forward earnings the offering from stock are 2.61% dividend profit. Coca-Cola supports greater than a 25% with the business being over 100 years.

1. Look for an issue related with management accounting topic.

2. Propose a solution. Problem and solution must be supported by facts and
financial information.

3. Do a financial analysis.

4. Prepare proforma financials by incorporating proposed solutions.

5. Write a 9 pages, double spaced (exhibits, graphs, financial statements do
not count towards the page requirement)

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