Posted: May 14th, 2015

City Portfolio, Oro Valley (Zip code 85737)

City Portfolio, Oro Valley (Zip code 85737)

Paper details:
For this Assignment I will upload a draft of a previous assignment and you will need to complete the last part part3 of the assignment as instructed below:
using the website for all information.


Using data acquired from the American Community Survey at (be sure to cite your specific sources), provide a profile for your county of:

1) domestic migration and how this compares nationally and to your state – who is migrating? Why might this be? and
2) non-U.S. –born residents and how this compares nationally and to your state (and at the state and national levels, include information on “origin” for the population as a whole

Part1: “fill in the blanks”.

Part2: DATA collection:
Health Outcomes (One hour)
Built Landscape (90 Minutes)
Migration (One hour)
Part3:Final Analysis: (3 hours)
Details of each of these parts will be uploaded.

Remember to think of this as a briefing paper for a policy expert brought into your “place.” They know much about topics, but nothing about your zip code/city or country, and will be using this briefing paper to prepare themselves for a meeting. It should be clear and easily accessible (assume they’re going through it in the limo as they’re driven from the airport to the meeting).

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