Posted: November 11th, 2015

Choose two countries and discuss their culturally distinguishing characteristics. What roles do national cultures play in the human resource management? How can human resource managers manage cultural diversity in MNCs?

Guidance Notes

This is an individual assignment. You need to undertake a small research project in the area of international and comparative human resource management. Note the following guidelines

1. Critical Examination of Literature: Present a literature review on the selected topic or theme by referring to the updated academic literature. You should follow the standard academic citation practice.
You need to critically examine the selected topic or theme, International and Comparative Human Resource Management functions, and theories around it and present your own perspective from an academic point of view. You may highlight, discuss, generate debate and put forward your own perspective on the topic.

2. Empirical/Practical Perspective: You need to discuss and relate the above review and examination in an empirical/practical context (e.g. in relation to organisation, society, practices, country, or any other context) you are familiar with. Practical examples and/or empirical perspectives on the selected topic or theme should be described and analysed in light of the presented review and examination. Please note that the empirical/practical context can be your own or, if not appropriate, it can be one that you are familiar with and whose relevant features you should specify and examine in your essay. Note you need to demonstrate cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, including the capability to identify and critically evaluate theoretical and practical assumptions, evaluate empirical evidence, and define terms and subjects of enquiry adequately. For emphasis, the organisation and/or national setting can be your own or, if you feel that is not appropriate, an organisation and/or national setting you are familiar with. The relevant features of the organisation/ national setting should be briefly introduced in your introduction. You then go forward to critically discuss best practice aspects of your chosen topic applying your case understanding to the features of your debate throughout your essay. (The question is not a test of your knowledge of a particular organisation or national setting, but of your understanding of the issues involved in applying a ‘good practice’ model in a particular organisational/national context.)

3. Academic Format: You need to present the assignment in an excellent academic format. An academic paper should contain a strong introduction. This should introduce and define the key concepts relating to your debate. You should outline the aims and introduction of your essay. Finally, you should provide a brief overview of the organisation/national context you have chosen to focus on in the introduction. Your conclusion should summarise the key conceptual messages in your essay. You should then outline how your essay has met your original aims and objectives. Review current thinking on your chosen topic by outlining the main points of related academic theory/debates. Your essay should refer to up to date literature. Cite the references you use, observing standard citation conventions (using the Harvard method). Examine the topic critically from an academic perspective. For example, you are encouraged to highlight and discuss the main points of debate that surround different academic theories and/or debates relating to the topic. Discuss the extent to which these key theories/debates on this topic are relevant / applicable to an organisation and/or a country with which you are familiar. You may choose to refer to your actual or prospective role in the organization in this aspect of the discussion.
• Please follow the guidance on writing your introduction and conclusion above.

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