Posted: April 27th, 2016

Choose a folk tale from another culture

For this assignment you are asked to:
• Choose a folk tale from another culture
• Follow the instructions to design a drama lesson using this folk tale
• Write 2000 words (not including appendix and references)
Prescribed Readings/viewings:
The following readings are needed to complete your assignment:
• Prescribed textbook: Improvisation with Favorite Tales, by Ruth Beall Heinig, 1992, Heinemann.
• Drama Topic Notes – see the Drama Topic Tile on the unit homepage
Section A: Checklist of DOs and DON’Ts (and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions):
• You are required to submit a copy of your folk tale with your assignment. You can scan it and e-submit it with your assignment or print off a cover sheet and mail your whole assignment to the Assignment Section, Teaching and Learning Support at UNE. There will be no late penalty for posted assignments that are delayed in the mail
• PLEASE submit your assignment using the template – see Section D: Designing your lesson below
• Throughout the assignment you will see tasks labelled a), b), etc – please label your responses accordingly
• DO NOT choose any of the stories from the prescribed textbook Improvisation with Favorite Tales
• Note that you are only required to do ONE lesson plan not three lesson plans
• Design your lesson for a specific age group of children, and ensure the themes, language, activities, and concepts are age-appropriate and ‘G Rated’ for primary school children
• Although in a real classroom situation the drama lessons can link to learning in other subjects such as HSIE, English, Science or Maths, ONLY FOCUS ON DRAMA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, except where indicated. Do not include any reference to other KLAs or outcomes for other KLAs
• Please don’t give justifications for why you are doing what you are doing, this is not needed
• It’s fine to use ‘I’ statements in your assignment instead of ‘the teacher’ – either will be fine
• Please try to stick to the assignment word limit (you can go to 2500 maximum if necessary).
• The appendix is not included in the word count
• In a ‘real-life’ classroom situation, the lesson you are planning might be too long for one single lesson and so you might want to break it up and do smaller sections on different days with a warm-up at the beginning. However, I want you to do the sequence as one whole lesson so that you can get the sense of how the activities link together and the progression in terms of student learning.

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