Posted: May 5th, 2015

Children & Nature Final Project

Children & Nature Final Project

Children & Nature Final Project Outline assignment Requirements: This is the second step in developing your Final Project for this course. For this assignment you will fill out the outline below, describing the various pieces of your final project. This will help you recognize what materials you will need to gather and what you will need to write or design before the Final Project Rough Draft is due. Fill in the missing information under each item (do this in the “Final Project Outline Submission” link on Compass). Pay attention to the point values to guide you as to how much detail to include. Use COMPLETE sentences, and make sure you are following the criteria specific to your project’s category (see detailed list on the document “Final Project Assignment Description”). Your Name 1. Project Category selected and specific topic description (2 points) 2. Content – list goals/desired outcomes of tool using complete sentences. This part should have A LOT of detail since this is worth the most points. (20 points) 3. Justification for content – A rough list of literature you plan to cite using full citations in APA format (you can copy/paste from Compass); I realize you haven’t done all the readings yet and thus will be adding to this list as you go (5 points) 4. Audience – who is your target audience? What age range of children? A particular group of adults (e.g., grade-school teachers)? What physical environment or setting or conditions are needed? (5 points) • Describe your potential audience (who do you want to reach with your tool?) What specific age or age range of children? For example, “5 year old children,” “13-18 year old teenagers,” etc. Is it for people who work directly with children? Or people who influence children’s environments? What type of adults are you aiming for? (educators, policy makers, parents, designers, etc). 5. Setting (2 points) Design projects: in what type of location could your design installed? Generally or name a real site Curriculum and Programs: what physical setting will be needed to teach your curriculum? Or to present your program? Marketing and Dissemination projects: What will be the location of advertisements, e.g., near schools? Near office buildings? Family housing? The Internet? In other words, how will you get the materials in front of your audience? 6. Creativity – list ideas for creative elements you might use (e.g., images, icons, themes, etc.) (5 points) 2 7. Timing of the tool or the size of the tool (1 point) Curriculum and Programs: how much time to teach the lesson or present the program? Design projects: what is the size of the space (in square feet or meters)? Marketing and Dissemination projects: Propose what time of year you will advertise? How frequently or over what time frame will you distribute advertisements? Also, set some goals for example, if using flyers in how many locations will you place them? how many paper flyers will you print? If using internet-based advertising, what search engine keywords will you use? How will you make your website well known? how many ‘likes’ on FB will you try to achieve? etc. Please refer to the “Final Project Assignment Description” and follow ALL of the requirements for the specific project category you chose.

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