Posted: June 9th, 2015

Child development: Social Development

Child development: Social Development

You will need to set aside some time or times to observe children interacting
during play. You will need to record data such as where you are observing, the
number of children playing together, and, only if you can get this information,
record the child’s age: months and years (2.3= two years and three months). Use
the following data as a format to complete this assignment.

Observation: as you watch and listen to what children do/say during their play or
interactions, record significant action or dialogue on a separate sheet of paper.
This might be action or dialogue that tells the important story of the moment, or
helps you understand how a child is thinking or making sense of the experience.
Interpretation/ Concepts emerging what do you consider significant
about what you observed? In what ways do individual children reveal their
thinking in what you recorded in this observation? What is the child’s
intention, thinking or idea?

Connect to Developmental Theory: How would you apply the
Psychosocial Development Theory proposed by Erik Erikson?
Where do you see any moments in which the concept of self-actualization
as proposed by Abraham Maslow is applied?
What evidence of learning theory as proposed by Albert Bandura is
How are the children demonstrating in their play the integration of multiple
intelligences theory as proposed by Howard Garner?

Developmental Progress: How does cognitive development connect to
the child’s other developmental domains, e.g. physical, social, emotional,
creative domains?

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